SEO for Blog Post? It’s NOT that hard

I wrote a blog post for a folk punk band last week and I’d like to show it as an example of how to plug in keywords and links in blog content naturally. It’s not super comprehensive yet, but it’s pretty useful and straightforward for SEO beginners.

[Is Folk Punk Dead? A Band of Mighty Soul Says No!] – This is the title/heading and usually the H1 tag in a blog post. Use at least one keyword here. The bolded words and phrases are the keywords I plugged in the blog post.

Folk Punk

– Don’t forget to put keywords in alt tags of the images. Alt text is sort of a title, which shows up when web page doesn’t load smoothly and the image doesn’t appear, due to server speed or internet issues. Alt tag helps your website to get exposure when Google crawl sites. 

[Someone on Reddit asked if folk music or punk music is dead, if not, what is the future of folk bands?] – I put a hyperlink in the first sentence. This is an external link to a high-quality website. How to measure quality of a website? Look into Google index, Bing index, traffic, Alexa Rank, SEMrush Rank, quantity & quality of backlinks, shares & likes, etc.. If you have SEOquake installed, you will be able to see some of the info easily. Folk punk has been popular for almost 40 years since the early 1980s. Most folk punk artists use mandolins, accordions, banjos, and sometimes guitars to combine the style of punk rock and traditional country music. Tell me, don’t you miss the old time music, with the swooning melodies, while you spent the whole night in your favorite honky tonk, having a glass of whiskey in hand that got you tipsy?

I went to the Green Pig Pub in Salt Lake City and found this amazing folk punk band, Folk Hogan. This band of mighty soul with their fully punk-fueled music, clearly tells me NO, folk punk music is not dead. They have been well known for their heavy metal drinking music for a few years and now they changed their focus to more surreal and romantic folk punk music. [A few years ago, when they were interviewed by radio from hell, they already killed Utah with their mighty, hoarse, hipster-styled voices.] – Another link I plugged in and I found this link because “radio from hell” is a related search query to Folk Hogan, which has the highest search volume. You will be able to conduct this kind of research with Keyword Planner in Google Adwords, Moz, SEMrush and tools like that to see which search queries and keywords would bring the most traffic. Also, to pick cost-effective keywords, you want to look into competitions on these keywords. That being said, if a lot of other companies are also bidding on the these keywords, you may end up paying more than you expected and having low ROI. From their music album Band of Mighty Souls, to The Show, you can almost tell that they shift from despairingly angry folk rockers to midnight story-tellers. I like Fire Breather, the intense and earth-shattering music just flows out naturally while they are swinging their bodies with the audiences in bars. I also love I Am Sill Drunk. It’s cheesy and makes me feel like I am a drunken chaser wandering in midnight and seeking for my soul. Freak Show, another song that will melt your heart with their cigarette-smoking voices and desperately dark tones. Listen to their music albums, their classic soul songs will never disappoint you.

Moses Mckinley, one of the founders of Folk Hogan, is the charming vocalist and mandolin player. Canyon Elliot, another vocalist and accordion player, is the quick-witted and intelligent soul in the band. Nick Passey, the guitar play, definitely explodes the show stages every time with his blood-splattered guitar breaks. Jared Hayes, I love his hair. As the bass player in the band, he has the power to shatter the ground and shout out his tone of the music. Kameron Anton, who plays Banjo and other extensive instruments, injects fresh folk elements to the band. Curtis Stahl, the drum player, brings the violent vibration to all his fans. As a mighty-soul band stands out from the Utah local music, their punk-fueled voices always crash the Utah locals’ hearts. [If you are a Utah local, go to Piper Down Pub, go to Brewski’s, go to Utah beer festival, even go to the downtown farmers market in Salt Lake City, they are there and you will know, folk punk is not dead, at least not in this place.] – Although these keywords may not be directly related to Folk Hogan, but they have high search volume in Utah every month. Since this band has live shows in these bars, the band may get exposure when people search these bars.

Listen to Folk Hogan in Urban Lounge in February 16th, tell me if their music hits you and if you still think folk punk is dead!

– Sometimes you may lose control on having natural content while trying to boost keyword density. Remember, let the content flow naturally while connecting the keywords. Don’t make content for “impressing” the search engine. You should impress your audiences and customers. 

This is just a brief example of improving organic search rank and getting exposure for your website. It’s not limited to just that. There are a lot more important factors that drive traffics, such as referral links to your website, relevancy of content, keywords in meta tag/description and titles, site identity (age, structure of web page, top level domain…), user-generated content (likes, comments…), visitor behavior (time spent on site…) and more. Believe me, there are a lot more to learn in SEO and a lot more fun to explore in digital marketing : )  What is your SEO experience?


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