Impress Your Audiences With These Fabulous Slides [FREE Template]

This is a slideshow I made for my case analysis project for AirAsia X and here are some general tips:

1  Choose a main color (as you can see in this website, I am really a big fan of this color LOL) and have consistent style throughout the whole slideshow.




2   For each part, have a title page to clearly illustrate the structure. You can also add some elements related to your content (the airplane and AirAsia X) 2016-09-26-10

3   Stop list your bullet points in a boring way!! You can either use icons or have your own creative design:2016-09-26-122016-09-26-162016-09-26-182016-09-26-242016-09-26-222016-09-26-232016-09-26-26

4    There are many different designs to show your figures as well


5    Come up with something creative to show timeline


6    Have one or two outstanding slide with different style



Do you like the slides I made? Leave a comment here or request this free template by subscribing to this website.


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