7 Tips for Google’s Expanded Text Ads

A new text ad format of google, “expanded text ads”, was announced in Google Ads & Analytics Innovation Keynote in May 2016.

The size of the expanded text ads will be double of the standard text ads. It allows advertisers to have two 30-character headlines, one 80-character description line, and a relevant display URL that is automatically extracted from your final URL. The purpose of this new ad format is to maximize the quality and performance of ads on mobiles.

Here’s what it looks like:

ETA example


While it is a great new feature for text ads, no one can ensure that it performs better than standard ads. Here are some tips to enhance your expanded text ads that most people try and successfully improve click-through rate of their ads:

  1. Capitalize initials of your text to be more eye-catching
  2. Make good use of ALL character space
  3. Have call-to-action on your headline (e.g. Order Today, Get 10% Off Now, etc.)
  4. Quantify benefits, features, attributions of your product/service
  5. Symbols are also eye-catching for audiences who view hundreds of text ads daily; use %, &, +, =, etc., when it’s appropriate
  6. Test your expanded text ads, but don’t stop running your standard text ads
  7. Use ad extensions, such as app download, call, location, review and sitelinks

A good example of using ad extensions I randomly found on google search:

ETA example - ad extensions.png

This is a good example of expanded text ad that uses most of the tips above:

ETA preview.png

Important timeline:

  • July – You can create Expanded Text ads in the AdWords Interface.
  • Early AugustWordStream will have read-only support for Expanded Text Ads. This means you’ll be able to view your Expanded Text Ads within WordStream Advisor.
  • September – You will have the ability to create and edit expanded text ads within WordStream Advisor.
  • Late October – Your original ads will continue to run, but you will lose the ability to create and edit the original text ad formats. All advertisers will be required to use the new Expanded Text Ad format.
  • 2017 – Original text ad formats will be fully retired and no longer served.



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