How to Make Audience-Friendly and Well-Structured Slides

Having a consistent, clean and clear slide style is important for an impressive presentation. I will give you some general tips to make well-structured slides:

Consistent Layout

See this example of slides below. The first slide is a summary of main parts (usually 3 or 4, no more than 5). In the body slides, I use the same design of icons on the top of left to show each part so it clearly tells people which part it is.

Also, the graphic style of these slides are very consistent. I mostly apply geometric figure elements in every single slide so it really demonstrates a strong personal style.

Here are some more examples of clear layout for multiple subpart (Out of Home, Cinema and Magazine) under one part (United States):

Bullet Points 

Bullet points can really show the essential content instead of a tedious paragraph. It will strengthen people’s memory of the key contents.

2016-07-29 (2)

Eyedropper Tool 

Eyedropper tool can help you apply same color of your content from your background.

2016-08-06 (4)

From this slide, for example, you can see that the three background colors of the title and the color of title itself are from the koala image by using eyedropper tool. The background color of the content (intro of the magazine) are also the same color from the background color of the title “Magazine”, and the color of content words are from the purple part of the magazine cover page (see the heart on the top of right). In this case, there are no more than five main colors in tis slide, which makes it very coherent. Comparing to this slide below that I randomly found on the internet, the one I made is more clean and comfortable to read:

Google Image (source: Google Image)

Here are some more examples I made to demonstrate coherent color:

2016-08-06 (10)

2016-08-06 (7)


Transparent Background

Making the background transparent can help emphasize your slide title/content

2016-08-06 (18).png

2016-08-06 (8).png

Smart Art and Shapes

By utilizing smart art and shapes to insert your images/content, your slides will be more interesting than rectangle images and simple bullet points.

2016-08-06 (16)2016-08-06 (12).png2016-08-06 (14)

More Formats of Images

Simply by make a flat image on the left to the one on the right, it will also look more interesting.

2016-08-06 (17).png

If you want to know more about how I made these slides step by step,

or if you need my help to make/customize your slides,

please leave a comment here,

or shoot me an email at 






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